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One area that seems to be a huge area of disorganization for people is photographs.  The challenge is that we often are great at TAKING pictures, but when it comes to printing, storing and organizing them, well, that’s a whole other story….

Below are 3 easy tips to help organize your digital pictures:
o   How frustrating to go through dozens of pictures labeled 002, 003, 004…and have no idea what they are unless you open them? 
o   To save valuable time, take a few minutes to give each picture a brief name describing the subject; that way when you want to go back and find a specific picture you don’t have to waste time sorting through ones you don’t want
o   Within your general picture folder-whether on your desktop or on a photo website such as Snapfish or Shutterfly, create specific folders for each event
o   Additionally I suggest creating a folder for each year where you can put random pictures that don’t necessarily warrant their own folder but need somewhere to go.
o   Part of the beauty of digital photos is that we have the ability to delete the ones that aren’t good. 
o   Delete photos that are out of focus, where people have their eyes closed, or aren’t looking at the camera.
Keep in mind that digital clutter can be just as cumbersome as physical clutter.  Just because you don’t see it every day doesn’t mean that it won’t slow you down when the time comes to look for something.  So be mindful and take some time to get those pictures categorized-trust me, you’ll be happy that you did!