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1.   Install pull-outs shelving to cabinet drawers.

There is so much wasted space in cabinets, even in the most expensive homes. I find it so frustrating when I walk into a large, beautiful, newly built kitchen and open a cabinet only to find a deep empty space inviting items to gather and get lost.  Most cabinet manufacturers have the option to purchase roll-out shelving custom for your specific cabinetry.  If you don’t want to go directly to the manufacturer, any home improvement store such as Home Depot or Lowes sells reasonably priced kits that you can easily install yourself.  With this simple addition there is no more searching for items in the back of the cabinet; everything is accessible and easy to find.

2.    Re-purpose an underutilized piece of furniture.

Who said that a dresser has to house clothing?  Or a bookshelf has to hold books?  If you have a piece of furniture that is not being utilized efficiently think how to make better use of the space.  The best way to go about it…Think of what items you wish you had at your fingertips to make your life easier. Then find an underutilized piece of furniture and work it into your current space.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.  This piece used to be in my breakfast room housing rarely used linens.  I sanded, painted, distressed it and put on new hardware all for under $100.  The piece is now the home for board games, art supplies, paper and pencils-all items that my kids use often and now they are within reach and easily accessible.

3.   Drawer Dividers.

Similar to tip #1, a big empty drawer is an invitation for clutter.  Whether it’s a dresser drawer filled with socks and underwear, a junk drawer in your office or a gadget drawer in the kitchen, everything deserves a proper place to call home.  This way, when you go to look for something you know exactly where to go instead of searching amidst a drawer filled with stuff. Similar to the roll-out drawers, you can go directly to your cabinet manufacturer to get custom dividers, however you can find some great inexpensive options that will work just as well, like these, purchased at Bed, Bath and Beyond for under $40.00

A small investment in time and money will have a tremendous return on investment in more ways than one.  For more information on how to eliminate clutter and simplify your life email laurie@simplyBorganized.com