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So at the request of my husband (who happens to be a very witty guy), I’ve decided to expand my blog from more than just articles about organizing. I mean, let’s face it, as much as I enjoy organizing and can talk about it all day; most people have a limit to how much of my OCD they can handle.

That being said, my new format is going to give you a glimpse into my life…as a mom, as a wife, as a business owner, and everything else that makes me the crazy yet lovable organizing guru of simply B organized.

Last week was an exciting week in the Palau household…Josh (my husband) started a new job, I was interviewed by Bucks Life for a feature on organizing, and I was given the opportunity to speak to a bunch of 4 graders at Career Day on what I do for a living.

All three were equally exciting for different reasons, but I have to say that the most enjoyable by far was listening (not talking) to what sixty fourth graders think about the importance of being organized.  I was pleasantly surprised at their responses to questions like “how does it make you feel to walk into someone’s home that is disorganized?” or “how does it make you feel when you can’t find something that you know you have, but can’t seem to find?”

At the end of the presentation, I offered each student an “Organizing Mission” to complete at home. Each student was given a garbage bag and I asked them to go around their house and collect items that they no longer use, wear or play with. The Goal: To see if they can fill the bag.  Once filled, they are to have their mom or dad contact me so I can pick up the bag and donate the items to a local charity.

The real test will be who completes the mission. However I am optimistic…Zoe, my 4 grader (who was more concerned about me embarrassing her at Career Day then what I had to say) actually came home and reported that her friends said “hey your mom is really funny and cool and I liked her job”, which is a huge compliment coming from a bunch of 10 year olds! My hope is that kids will see this activity as fun, as opposed to a chore; and realize the benefits of helping those who are less fortunate. 

Remember:You’re Never Too Young To Organize!