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For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a cynic. I don’t like Hallmark holidays or the spotlight on me for any reason, so being honored for Mother’s Day is tough for me.  So every year I plant a smile on my face and act as though I should be honored for a job that I CHOSE to do.

I’m not a fan of cards (to me it’s just clutter), or gifts (if I want/need something I’ll buy it for myself).  As I think about the majority of my readers, they are mothers, much like me. What is it that they want for their special day?  A little R & R?  Some peace and quiet? A simple “thank you” for all hard work and sacrifice they endure all year?

If asked what I want for Mother’s Day it should come as no surprise; I want to SIMPLIFY. There is so much clutter around us, the more I can simplify my life the better I feel.  I tell my clients all the time: “don’t allow yourself to be defined by your material belongings”. Today I took my own advice and spent two hours in my basement cleaning out items that were just taking up space.  I know it sounds crazy, but after a couple of hours of cleaning, sorting and purging I felt as though a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Most people are probably looking at me like I am crazy…who WANTS to clean and organize a basement any day, let alone on Mother’s Day? But whatever passion you have, whether it’s playing tennis, working out, painting or dancing-enjoy it.  For me, it gives me focus and perspective to simplify my life by de-cluttering; if something else gives you peace, go for it! 

Just remember what Mother’s Day is about; honoring all the sacrifice you make for your family every day. Life is about balance. Keeping it simple works for me and allows me to focus on what really matters…my family, my friends, and my career.

Hopefully on this day, you were able to find what brings you joy-Happy Mother’s Day, from sBo.