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One of the biggest misconceptions that people have is that you need to be perfect to be organized. I am living proof that that theory is a crock of garbage. No one is perfect. The funny thing is that we all know this on a logical level, but yet somehow we psych ourselves out of doing things because it may be daunting.  Let’s face it…No one likes to feel like a failure.
Below are 3achievable goals to help motivate you to not just get organized, but STAY organized. 

1.  Allow your organizational style to reflect your personality

Simply put, be realistic in what you want verses what you will be able to maintain. I had a client who asked me to design her a “Mac Daddy” closet….she wanted a big WOW factor when people walked in.  A completely understandable request, I mean who wouldn’t want a closet that looks like it came out of an episode of Cribs? I have come to know this client fairly well and I know the level of commitment she is willing to put in for upkeep, and it’s minimal at best. My goal was to make sure I designed something that was functional for her personality-not just her clothes.
If I added a bunch of fancy “bells and whistles” she would never keep up with it and untimely get frustrated. Before long she would have been left with another disorganized space. Keeping true to who you are and knowing your limitations are the key to maintenance.  In the end she LOVES her closet and a year later is still keeping it organized.

2.  Don’t call me Genie…
If you expect that I am going to walk into your cluttered space that took years to accumulate and have me blink my eyes and make it disappear you are sadly mistaken.  If it were that easy I’d be so rich right now I’d be writing this article from a beach somewhere instead of my office :).
Getting organized is a process, and to do it right it takes time, planning, commitment and follow-thru. No wonder so many people are disorganized….crap, it’s a lot of work!  So here’s a tip: Do a little at a time everyday. Trying to tackle all your clutter at once will only end in frustration.
3.  Remember the “Buy-In”

There must be some trigger point that made you stop to read this article (and btw, thank you very much for that!). Everyone has their final straw that causes them to commit to getting organized. It could be your frustration with the insurmountable papers that come home from school every day, or the laundry that keeps piling up no matter how often you do it. Before you throw your hands in the air and walk away, take a step back and re-group. Staying organized can be hard work, but it is also rewarding. Think about how nice it will feel to open a drawer and know exactly where “such and such” is? Or not have to scream at your kids to find their sneakers because they actually put them away in the proper place? 

So as I said at the beginning….no one is perfect. If you strive for perfection you’re setting yourself up for organizational failure. Keep it simple, so you can easily stick with it. Remember getting organized takes time, not to mention trial and error,  so try not to get frustrated; but if and when you do, remember why you wanted to get organized in the first place.

An organized home is one step closer to a simpler life.