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I just returned from a business/girls weekend in Little Rock, AR where my dear friend convinced me to come for a visit under the pretense of helping her de-clutter and organize her kids closet.  It was a fabulous weekend resulting in fun, laughs and an organized space that she and her family will be able to maintain long after my return to the North East.
On my way, I was able to catch up on some reading. One of the most interesting articles I read was from the March issue of O magazine, so appropriately titled: “What Kind of Clutterer are You”?  Over the next several pages it breaks down different types of disorganization categories people fall into ranging from the “behind the door clutterer” to the “sentimental clutterer”.
As I sat reading the article I found myself agreeing with everything they said and having a sense of validation for sharing the same insights with my clients.
If you have a few minutes, it’s worth the read, you may just learn a thing or two about yourself.
Happy Organizing!