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Do you know someone who appears to “have it all together”?  Successful career, beautiful home, great family…. You look at them in admiration, and possibly a slight amount envy, wondering how on earth they do it?

I know several of these women, but I also know a dirty little secret… No one is immune to disorganization.

I’ve had countless corporate women tell me they feel as though they are drowning at home as they try to keep up with everything. Piles of laundry, overflowing mail and misplaced keys can ensue chaos and anxiety to the most successful executives.

The power woman needs to be ”ON” all day, and then come home to a family and household that craves her attention for another few hours. If lucky, she will have a few moments of relaxation before finally collapsing into bed so she can repeat the process the following day.

If you appear to “have it all together”, but secretly feel as though you are drowning, then read on because I am about the throw you an organizing life preserver.

Below are my 3 must-have tips to help power women keep their heads above water:

1.   Set a schedule.  This may sound trivial, but creating a chart or list with daily activities (similar to a chore chart) prevents you from getting sidetracked. Added bonus: Having something in writing also holds you to a level of accountability.

2.   Delegate.  Although you may be the glue that holds your family together, it takes more than one person to run a successful household. Enlist your spouse and kids to pitch in and help.  Yes, you heard me correctly; your kids need to help too. The earlier you can teach your kids that they are a functioning member of your family the better off they will be in the long run.

3.   Prioritize. Select the most important tasks you want/need accomplished and let the rest go.  There are only so many hours in a day to get stuff done.  The reality is that you will more than likely have items on your to-do list that don’t get checked off (and that’s ok).

Being organized isn’t about being perfect; it’s about simplicity, balance and happiness.