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Our medicine cabinets get a lot of use during the summer months.  Between bee stings, allergies, sunburns and general scrapes and cuts it’s important to have your medicine cabinet under control.   

Below are a few quick tips to help:  
 1.    Practice your organizing ESP (EMPTY, SORT, PURGE) once a quarter.  Set a reminder in your calendar to take a quick pass through your products and discard anything that has expired.   

 2.    Group products for easy locating. For example: First Aid, Pain Relief, Allergy, etc. This may seem a bit “micro” but trust me, in an emergency or in the middle of the night you will be glad you did!  

 3.    Don’t overstock. Somewhere along the way we were taught that it’s good to stock up on supplies. I beg to differ. The majority of items tend to expire before they get used resulting in wasted money and frustration.   

 4.    Corral in bins.  Instead of having products “floating” on shelves, or in drawers, place them in bins and label them.  This also doubles for keeping items out of reach for small children.   

 5.    Inventory.  Take note of when you are running low on items (especially ones that you use frequently). Be sure to replenish in case of an emergency.   

 Happy Organizing!