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If you live in a home or apartment that lacks space, it’s important to do whatever you can to keep clutter from accumulating.

One of the most common pitfalls (aside from simply keeping too much stuff) is underutilizing vertical space.  I recently took a trip to one of my favorite stores, The Container Store, where I stumbled across a grid system that they were displaying as a wall mounted pot rack. It got me thinking…what other uses could this modular grid system double as? Here are two solutions I came up with….

  • Mud room storage.  If you are like me, your mudroom (provided you are fortunate enough to have one), is one of the most trafficked rooms in the home. Making use of every possible inch is critical. If space is an issue, this multi-functional grid system may just be the answer you are looking for.


Why I love it:

It provides the freedom to incorporate pieces that suit your specific needs.  Do you need a place for your dog’s leash? Are you constantly searching for your keys? Perhaps you need a place to put outgoing mail; this grid system allows you to corral all your “must haves” by the door as you come and go.


  • Office/Homework Storage. Do you find yourself with piles of papers accumulating on your counters? Are you rummaging through junk drawers looking for office supplies? Not only is that unsightly, but it’s inefficient.  If cabinet and drawer space is a premium, consider putting one of your walls to work.


Why I love it:

Customize attachments that make sense for you.  Everything is literally at your fingertips from rulers, to scissors to notebooks.  Important papers, projects or homework are never forgotten because they are always within sight, without being in your way.


The key is to “think outside the box”.  If you are at a loss for how to maximize a space in your home or office sBo can help.  Check out our website for a full list of services or give us a call and we will happily discuss how we can best help.


Happy Organizing!