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As many of you know I write a column for BUCKS LIFE Magazine called Organized Home.  For my upcoming column my editor asked me to write about my experiences helping kids get organized. Of course I jumped at the chance.  As a mother, I recognize the importance and value of teaching good organizing habits to kids at a young age.

So yesterday afternoon I blocked my calendar to sit down and write.  For 2 hours I jotted down tips, strategies, and tools that parents can use to teach important “life skills” to their children.  After 2 hours I’m feeling pretty good about my first draft. I patted myself on the back, put on my “mom hat” and walked downstairs to greet my 12 year old as she came off the bus.

Don’t hate me, I realize this story appears that I have mastered the perfect work/life balance, but I’m about to prove you wrong. Here’s what happened next…

Zoe comes home from school and asks me to take her to a friends house. As we are preparing to walk out the door I look at her and she has an Ipad, her phone, a change of clothes (including sneakers), lip balm , a hairbrush, and a bottle of water IN HER HAND!  I’m like “are you kidding me? you look like a hobo!” You would think this kid has never been taught how to organize her stuff. Needless to say,  I hand her a tote bag and  she starts laughing and goes “oh I guess that is a better idea”.  Seriously?

I guess charity begins at home.

One side note…when I shared the story with my friend last night her response was “well you have to give her credit for gathering everything she needed in the first place”.  See, perception is everything.

my awesome 12 year old

my awesome 12 year old