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Yesterday I was taking a break from a productive, yet exhausting day at work, and decided to hop on facebook (one of my favorite pastimes for those of you who didn’t know).  On a whim, I decided to write the following status update Which hat do you prefer to wear? The ‘mom’ hat or the’work’ hat”?

Over the course of the next few hours my fb friends began to weigh in. Some people immediately answered one way or the other, but a surprising number of women actually avoided my question and answered with humorous comments like “the party” hat, “the drinker” hat, “the anything but the maid” hat.

I am not shocked by these responses; they are my friends after all! But what found interesting is how quickly, we as women will avoid being labeled as one thing or another.

Like you, I wear many hats.  Some of my hats include my business owner hat, my mom hat, my wife hat, my friend hat, my comedian hat, my bad-cop hat….and what I’ve come to realize is that not one, but all of these hats help to define who I am.

So to answer my own question, “Which hat do I prefer to wear?” it depends on the day, or sometimes even the hour. To be honest, there are times I don’t want to wear my mom hat. It is by far my most challenging and stressful hat to wear. There is an insurmountable pressure for moms, If I screw up something wearing my mom hat, the repercussions are much greater than when I wear my “hanging out with my friends” hat.

I am extremely fortunate to enjoy wearing my “work” hat, since I am truly passionate about what I do, but I realize not everyone shares that luxury with me. It is rewarding to be viewed as an expert in your field and have people actually listen to what you say  (often a far cry from what happens when I am wearing my “mom” hat!)

Regardless of what “hats” you wear, wife, mother, caretaker, executive, chauffeur, cook, maid, etc. the important take away is to have a little bit of YOU underneath each one of those hats.

As women, it’s so easy to lose sight of who we are, especially when we spend so much time catering to others.  Just remember, every now and again it’s ok to put your own hat on and wear it for a while.