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“I’m tired”.   It’s been one of those weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, it’s simply a fact.   It was jam packed with new client meetings, maintenance visits for some of my favorite clients , school events for my 4th grader, running both my girls from basketball, to dance and somehow fitting in laundry, meals and homework in between.

It really is no different than any other week, but for some reason, this week kicked my butt.  For all my fellow working moms, you know the times where you think how much easier it would be to be a “stay at home mom”?  This was one of those weeks for me.

Make no mistake,I am extremely fortunate and thankful for the life I have, my awesome family, not to mention the successful, growing business I have created; but right now, as I sit on the couch writing this, glass of wine in hand, I  think TGIF!

Until tomorrow when I get to meet a new client 🙂