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Today I turn 42 (Happy Birthday to me!). It is surreal to say that number because frankly, it seems, well, old.

As a teenager, I recall thinking that anyone over 30 was over the hill, and someone over 40 may as well be a grandparent!  Boy how times have changed.

As I reflect about where I am at 42 (I think if I keep saying it, it will sink in), and can honestly say that I never envisioned my life quite like it is.

As I was sitting in my office writing this article, I had the pleasure of listening to my daughters playing together and it inspired me to write about the top 10 things that I am grateful for:

1. My kids- Zoe and Logan. I have been blessed with two healthy, kind, smart and caring humans.  They are by far, my biggest accomplishment, greatest joy, and frankly the reason I get up in the morning.  


2. My husband, Josh. He believes in me when I don’t. He supports me both financially and emotionally yet doesn’t take any of my crap. Most importantly he is a present father who takes a genuine interest in our daughters lives-despite a demanding career and working long hours.


3. My friends-you know who you are. My husband calls me “the mayor” of our town, but in all honesty, although I know a lot of people, there are only a select few who I truly consider my friends. The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to surround yourself with people who bring value to your life. My friends love me, my kids, and are there for me unconditionally.

4. My business, simply B organized. I started this company out of my passion (or as I often say, my OCD). I had no idea if others would see the value in what I did, or listen to what I had to say, but 4 years later, 4 employees later and a growing business proves I guess I was on to something.

5. My morning coffee.  If you’re like me, once your day officially starts, it’s “go-go-go”.  A long time ago I decided it was worth it to wake up 30 minutes earlier than necessary so I could enjoy a few minutes of alone time with my thoughts and a hot cup of coffee.  Those moments are truly cherished.

6. My dog, Jeter.  The son I never had!  As someone who grew up with cats, it’s amazing how quickly one becomes “a dog person”.  My girls are adorable, but Jeter is definitely the best looking one of my kids ;).Jeter

7. A sunny day.  I am, without a doubt , one of those people whose mood is affected by the weather. There is nothing like a warm spring day to make you smile and feel like you can conquer the world.

8. A pajama day.  Albeit rare these days, but waking up to see my googlecal say “no events scheduled” is something I have learned to appreciate.  There’s nothing better than sitting on the couch watching HGTV all day!

9. Our family vacation.  Every year we take a family vacation to the Outer Banks, NC and it is a treasured time for the 4 of us (5 if you count our dog, Jeter). There is nothing special or fancy about it; it’s just a time for us to re-charge as a family, along with our most beloved family friends. It is hands-down, my happy place.

obx sunset

10. My health. In some way, we have all been touched by someone whose life has changed due to an illness.  I realize how precious and fragile life is and I thank God everyday that my family and I are healthy.

I have so many more things that I am grateful for, but again, I won’t bore you with the details  (perhaps I’ll save the rest for my book).

I didn’t have the greatest childhood, so to look at where I am now reinforces that” it’s not about where you came from, it’s about how you overcame”.

It’s my birthday wish that you take a moment to write down 10 things in your life that you are most grateful for, so the next time you feel overwhelmed it will help put everything in perspective.