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This past week I had the opportunity to meet with a new client to help her de-clutter and organize her garage. Her goal is simple: to be able to park her vehicle (s) inside leaving some room for storage.  Sounds easy, right?

According to a recent study, only 25% of Americans with 2-car garages are able to park 1 vehicle inside and over 50% of homeowners rate the garage as the most disorganized place in the house.

It’s no wonder Garages are one of the most overwhelming areas of the home to organize.

If you want to avoid scraping frost off your windshield each morning now is the time to pick a weekend and purge some clutter before the weather gets too cold.

Below are the HOW, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY to helping you have the garage of your dreams:

HOW: Empty the space.  The best way to truly de-clutter and organize your space is to empty all of the contents, sort what you have, and purge what you don’t need. I call this my Organizing ESP (EMPTY, SORT, PURGE)

WHAT: Decide what you want to store in your garage.  Currently anything and everything that doesn’t have a home is living in your garage. Now it’s time to purge the clutter and streamline the rest.

WHERE: Create zones for each area. You want to be able to find things quickly so the best way to do so is to create “zones” for each separate area. For example: gardening, tools, seasonal storage, sporting equipment.

WHEN: Invest in product.  Once you’ve determined what items are remaining and what zones you have you can now look at product. Which product is best for your needs will depend on the purpose your garage is serving. ***You want to make sure that you maximize vertical space (keep as much of the floor free from clutter), use clear bins (for easy identification of contents), and stay away from cardboard that can damage the contents if it gets wet.

WHY: Paint.  The garage should be an extension of your home.  Walking into a room that is freshly painted automatically gives the illusion of a clean and organized space.

Maintenance is key to keeping your garage organized; following these simple steps will help keep you on track, and your space free from clutter.

Happy Organizing!


Here’s a photo of one of our clients garage before sBo….


After several hours and many trash bags later….