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A few weeks ago my good friend Matt Beck, owner of Salon Gratitude in New Hope, PA and founder of freesaloneducation.com asked me if I would develop some simple strategies to help salon owners stay organized.

So after a brainstorming session with Matt and a few of his key stylists, I uncovered some areas that seem to be common pitfalls: keeping products organized, keeping the salon free from clutter, maximizing everyone’s time efficiently and trying to keep a consistent flow of clientele topped the list.

Taking those areas into account, I was able to develop sBo’s 5 Tips for an Organized Salon. Here they are!

1.  CColored-Markersolor Code your calendar. You can do this either by stylist or by treatment, depending on personal preference. I prefer to color code by person that way you can take a quick glance at the calendar (whether online, traditional, or whiteboard)and easily identify who is busy and when.  It also helps to easily identify gaps so that you can proactively try to fill them in.


schedule-an-appointment2.  Have clients schedule follow up appointments prior to leaving. This seems like a no brainer, but you would be amazed at how many people walk out the door only to call up in a panic 2 months later with overgrown roots!  Or worse, having a client walk out the door only to never be heard from again. Proactive booking lets the client know you are thinking about them while keeping your book full. I also recommend using a good Client Management Tracking system that highlights birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and extend a free gift on those dates.  The personal touch goes a long way.



SONY DSC3.  Corral “like” products in bins. A great way to keep products organized is to group similar items together. Store smaller sample sized items in small bins. Use clear storage containers to easily identify contents, and don’t forget to label, label, label!



salon grat4.  Maximize vertical space. One of the best ways to keep your floor and counter space free from clutter is to maximize vertical space. Frequently used items like brooms and styling tools are great to store on a wall. One of the most forgotten areas within the salon is the ceiling. Suspending blow dryers is a great way to maximize space while adding flair to an underutilized space.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA5.  Upsell with Storage. As a salon owner you are programmed to service your clients, but why stop there?  You’re an expert and people look to experts to provide solutions. Providing a simple solution for maintaining great hair care when your clients are at home is a valuable resource. Creating a gift basket filled with shampoo, conditioner, and styling aids, corralled in a stylish bin for long-term storage is not only a great for the holidays, but a simple way to help you keep your clients’ organized.

Integrating a few key organizing strategies into your daily routine allows you the freedom to do what you love without the added stress of feeling disorganized.

Happy Organizing!