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Yesterday was a snow day for us folks in Bucks County, PA. I have to admit, secretly I was glad; I definitely needed a day to play catch up. Although my holiday cards went out, my tree was sitting naked and bare in my living room just waiting to be dressed with lights and ornaments.

As I decorated the tree I went through an automatic process of organizing: quickly purging lights that no longer worked and ornaments that were broken. I also created a box for donation of decorations that were dated or that I no longer wanted.  Pfew, that felt good!

Make no mistake, decorating for Christmas can be stressful if you are not organized (Even I get stressed and I am the queen of organization!) Below are 5 tips to keeping your ornaments organized while keeping you in the holiday spirit!

1. Separate by room. Most people decorate multiple areas of the house and some people have more than one tree. Designate separate storage containers for decorations by room (and don’t forget to label the bins so you know what goes where!)

2. Use dividers. Keep ornaments separated with dividers. This may sound like a no-brainer, but you would be amazed at how many people simply throw their loose ornaments in a box or bin. Most ornament storage containers come equip with built in dividers like these below:



 Note: If cost is keeping you from investing in new storage, Use egg cartons to store small ornaments (I do recommend placing the cartons in larger plastic bins to protect them long term)

3Think stackable. Christmas ornaments quickly take up a lot of real estate. Maximize storage by stacking bins.

4. Measure before you buy. There are lots of ornament storage products on the market. Check the dimensions of your storage rack before you invest money into any product.  There’s nothing worse then buying something only to find out it’s the wrong size!

5. Leave room for growth. I always advise people to leave a little “grow room” when investing in storage. The reality is you will buy or inherit new products and you want to make sure you have room to store them.

Holidays are fun but they can also be stressful. Reduce stress by having your decorations organized so you can enjoy the season!

Happy Organizing!

p.s. Here is my handy work from yesterday!