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Everyone loves getting gifts. It’s the aftermath of clean-up that people dread.   To eliminate the stress of adding additional clutter to your home consider giving one of these gifts:

  1. Spa treatments. Who doesn’t love a little pampering now and then?  Most of us put ourselves on the back burner and spend countless hours catering to others. It’s time to get treated!  A gift certificate for a massage, facial, manicure/pedicure is a welcome gift for someone who doesn’t splurge on themselves.
  2. Sessions with a personal trainer. If someone you love is into working out, treat them to a free session with their personal trainer. Don’t have one? Even better! A little motivation goes a long way!
  3. Tickets to a sporting event. One of the greatest gifts for the sports enthusiast. It doesn’t have to be tickets to the Superbowl; a great college game or local team sport is a super gift for any sports fan.
  4. Tickets to a show.  Think music concert, ballet, opera or Broadway.  A night out on the town is a great gift for everyone included!
  5. A night of free babysitting.  If you’re looking for a gift on a budget, there is no better present than a night of free babysitting! I remember when my kids were small this was always high on my list.  What parent doesn’t need a night out once in a while?
  6. A gift certificate to a favorite restaurant.  A safe gift that you know your recipient will appreciate is a gift certificate to their favorite eating establishment. This is always a slam dunk gift that won’t go to waste!
  7. Movie tickets. The cost of going to the movies these days can cost a small fortune. What’s better than a free movie and popcorn? I especially like this gift for teenagers, but it’s great for all ages.

There’s one more gift that I forgot to mention…a session with a personal organizer :).  The start of a New Year is a great time to purchase an sBo gift card for someone you love. Check out our gift certificate page to learn more.

“It’s the thought behind the gift that matters most.”

Happy Holidays and Happy Organizing!