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Establish a Process

I just finished reading a great article: Forget Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead by James Clear. He talks about the differences between goals and processes. Have you ever read something and found yourself going “yes! I completely get that!” It’s as if something clicks and you find yourself knowing exactly what to do.

This article had that effect on me. Clear talks about “why focusing on a system, rather than a goal, sets us up for long term success”. As I was reading, I couldn’t help make the analogy about getting organized.

Organizing is a process. It may be your goal to reduce clutter, have less stress, enjoy more free time, but it’s the process that makes it happen.

I always tell my clients “find the system that works for you. The process needs to make sense, otherwise it’s destined to fail.”

No one likes to fail.

Have you ever driven to a destination and wondered how you got there? It’s as if your car took you there on autopilot. We often find ourselves going through the motions without taking note of the details.

Organizing is about the details.

It’s amazing how many details you miss each day when you’re constantly running. We are often in such a rush (present company included) to get to the finish line, we forget to take note of what’s going to get us there.

Goals come and go, it’s the process that’s here to stay. So as you approach organizing your home, office or life, be mindful of the steps you need to take to make it sustainable.


Happy Organizing!