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Usually when people first meet one, of the initial questions that comes up is “What do you do?”

I get introduced as a Professional Organizer all the time, and the typical response is “I would never let you into my house!”

Trust me, I get it…(and no, I am not offended). Peoples immediate reaction is that I am going to come into their home and judge them.  Let me assure you, I am not.

I have a friend and colleague Megan Kristel founder of Kristel Closets who is an amazing image consultant. Megan speaks to executives across the country on image and personal branding.

So you can imagine what went through my mind last year when she asked me to come over to help her organize her home office…“Crap! What am I going to wear?!”

As excited as I was to help her get her office running more efficiently, I was feeling insecure about my own appearance; fearing that she would look me up and down and think “OMG, what is she wearing?”

The reality is that Megan couldn’t have cared less what I was wearing. There was no judgement from her, just as there was no judgement from me when I walked into her office.

Which brings me to this…when you are passionate about helping people, there is no judgement.

  • Do I have all the answers?  No.
  • Have I developed some strategies to help people become more organized and productive? Yes.
  • Do I want to share them with you so you can feel less stressed and more empowered? Absolutely.

If you’re not quite ready to open your door to unveil your “dirty little secret”, I’m inviting you to join me at our next workshop.

On March 12th, from 12:00-1:30 I’m hosting a Clutter Clinic at Caleb’s American Kitchen.  You’ll learn to identify your clutter pitfalls and how to overcome them. I’ll share organizing tips, strategies to help you get started, and samples of my favorite organizing products that are tried and true to work.

Registration includes lunch, wine, and a free organizing gift!  Click here for additional information and to reserve your spot.

I hope to see you there!



Happy Organizing!