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When I think of St. Patrick’s Day I think of leprechauns, 4-leaf clovers, and of course the color green. It also has a new association for me, St. Baldrick’s.

For those of you who are unfamiliar,  St. Baldrick’s is a foundation created in 1999 to help conquer childhood cancer. The name of the Foundation is a play on the words Bald and Patrick – going bald on St. Patrick’s Day,  which led to St. Baldrick’s.

The Foundation raises money for childhood cancer research primarily through head-shaving events. Volunteers sponsored by family, friends and employers, shave their heads in solidarity with children who typically lose their hair during cancer treatment. Events have taken place in all 50 US states and 28 countries. Since 2000, St. Baldrick’s Foundation volunteers have organized nearly 4,200 head-shaving events and shaved over 190,500 heads, raising over $118 million for life-saving childhood cancer research.[1]

References:^ St. Baldrick’s Foundation History | Childhood Cancer Foundation

Two friends of mine who live in my community each lost a child to cancer which led to my personal involvement in our local event.  Although my vanity has gotten in the way of shaving my head, I am supporting the cause by spreading awareness, donating my time, and 10% of all simply B organized proceeds to St. Baldrick’s for the month of March.

I am proud of my little town and the people in it.  Here are a few pictures from Saturday’s event.

Photo Mar 15, 9 55 29 AM

some amazing women who helped put together a wonderful event

Alex before

Alex before (as if he couldn’t get any cuter…)

Alex after; looking cuter than ever!

Alex after; looking cuter than ever!










The boys NHS Lacrosse team came out to shave their heads in support of the two friends they lost to cancer.

The boys NHS Lacrosse team came out to shave their heads in support of the two friends they lost to cancer.

Many of us have sadly been touched by cancer in one way or another. If you would like to learn more about how to become involved in St. Baldrick’s or if you care to make a donation to support childhood cancer research click here.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Happy Organizing!