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I remember before I had children, my house was filled with grown up furniture. Once kids entered the picture everything changed! All of a sudden my dining room was filled with toy bins, and my coffee table was covered with coloring books. As much as I adored my girls, looking at their toys all over the place stressed me out.

It didn’t take me long to realize the importance of having good storage. Toys are inevitable, which is why finding the right piece is critical to maintaining an organized home.

While researching my sBo product of the month, I was introduced to the Hi-Fi Sleek Toy Box by Land of Nod. Below are 3 reasons why I love it:



The sleek look gives the appearance of adult furniture rather than screaming “I’m a toy chest!”

The drawers allow you to keep “like” items together making it easier to stay organized.

1. It’s Functional. You would be amazed at how many toy storage options are on the market that don’t do anything to help keep your kids organized. In fact, they are designed for you kids to make a mess! “oh I can’t find what I’m looking for so let me dump the entire bin onto the floor to find it.” Toy chests should have ample storage space while allowing you to zone toys in separate areas, eliminating the “black hole effect.”

2. It’s Sturdy. Kids can put a beating on your furniture. They use it often and they play hard. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people purchase products that fall apart within the first 6 months because it’s made with cheap materials or poorly constructed. Investing in a quality product that will stand the test of time will save you money in the long run.

3. It’s Stylish.  Who ever said that you need to sacrifice style because you have children?  Long gone are the days of having to let your home look like romper room (geez I am dating myself!).  Whether your taste is eclectic, traditional or modern, it blends well with any design.

Bonus:  This piece is great under a window as additional seating, or use the top to build legos, do puzzles  or play games. The drawers make it easy for your kids to find what they’re looking for, making clean up a snap! As your kids grow, this can become the perfect media console to store video games and controllers.

Just because your house is filled with toys doesn’t mean you need to live in chaos.  The right routine coupled with a great product is the ideal recipe for an organized home.

Happy Organizing!