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The other day I spent the morning with my friend and Anchorwoman, Eve Tannery, where I shared 5 of my favorite productivity apps. If you missed the segment, you can watch it here:

 google cal 1. Calendars: Google Cal  Why I love it:  Access from any device, all you need a gmail account. Easily color code so you can differentiate activities easily between members of your family or team.





wunderlist   2. To-Do lists: Wunderlist Why I love it: You can customize and create multiple lists. Share lists with anyone  (all they need to do is download the free app). Best of all, your list is always with you!





pocket   3. Reading: Pocket  Why I love it: It reduces digital clutter by allowing you to save articles with the click of a button so you don’t need to worry about saving links and emails. You can tie it to your social media outlets so if you are on facebook or twitter and see an article that seems interesting, but don’t have time to read, you can save the link to your pocket for when you have time.






Yummly   4. Meal Planning: Yummly Why I love it:  It’s a meal planning and recipe app all in one! Easily source recipes from any number of sites and blogs. Filter out things like food allergies and favorite ingredients.  They also have this great feature where you can plug in whatever’s leftover in your fridge and they will come up with recipe options for you!







ArtKive     5. Artwork Storage: ArtKive Why I love it:  The easiest artwork paper reducing app.  Allows you to create albums for each of your children by grade. Instead of having to figure out what to do with all the artwork they come home with, or feel guilty about throwing it away, simply take a picture with your phone or tablet and it automatically uploads and saves. You can share the albums with anyone you choose, and at the end of the year you can get a book or calendar made.  Best of all your house is not filled with truckloads of artwork!






Happy Organizing!