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Last week I was sick.

Not just “under the weather”, but laid up in bed with a fever sick.  As any of my fellow overachievers can tell you, it’s not easy to slow down, especially when you are used to running a million miles an hour.

It reminded of the days when my girls were babies and accomplishing even the most basic tasks were considered a success. “Woo-hoo!  I showered today!” or “high-five for making dinner!”

As I struggled last week to maintain my Superwoman status, I was quickly reminded that I am no superhero.  Frustrated and humbled, I came out of the week with 3 important take-aways.


From time to time, life is going to cause you to re-adjust your priorities.

Whether you have to take care of a sick child or deal with a ailing parent, life is going to put a monkey-wrench in your to-do list. Prioritize what’s most important and the rest can wait.





Delegate as much as possible.

Teaching my family the importance of “pitching in” helped to keep my house from looking like a tornado ran through it.  Laundry, dishes and general clutter can quickly accumulate, so be sure to delegate tasks to keep the mothership running while you’re out of commission.



good job


Celebrate small successes.

Instead of beating yourself up for not completing 10 things on your to-do list, appreciate the fact that you were able to accomplish anything in less than ideal circumstances.




It’s frustrating when things don’t go our way. Life is going to set us back from time to time whether we like it or not. Being organized is a series of small steps, so take it one at a time.

one step at a time

Happy Organizing!