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Like you, my world these days is consumed with holiday decorating, gift giving, wrapping, (not to mention baking 8 dozen cookies for my girlfriends infamous cookie throwdown!).  As I force myself to step away from the holiday madness for a few, I am re-directing my energy into something I find more rewarding…helping you become more organized.

For those of you who are new to the SBO community, last year I started a series called “The Clutter Clinic” which is a 90-minute workshop where you’ll learn practical strategies to organize a specific area of your life. Each clinic teaches techniques to reduce clutter, maintain an organized space, and master time management.  After each clinic (I’ve hosted 4 sold out events to date), I ask people for feedback on what topic they’d like to see for the next event.  Almost unanimously people always say”CLOSETS!”

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t look at an image like this without thinking “I wish!”

Whether you are rushing around in the morning trying to get dressed and out the door for work, scrambling for workout gear to make it to the gym before you change your mind, or just trying to find something clean to put on in the 5 minutes of peace you have before your little one calls “mommy” from the next room;  An organized closet is one of the top items on people’s wish list of organized spaces. 

You may never imagine having a closet that looks like the image above,  but thanks to my good friends at Organized Living, your dream closet may be closer to you than you think.  They have graciously offered to donate a closet system valued at $500 to a lucky attendee of my upcoming Clutter Clinic (talk about a motivator for getting organized!)

Grab a friend, and join me on Wednesday January 28, 2015 from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM EST at Caleb’s American Kitchen. where I’ll share some of my favorite organizing tips, products and strategies for getting your closet organized, regardless of how large or small.

Space is filling up quickly and I don’t want you to miss out! I anticipate this to be the best Clutter Clinic to date!

Click here to reserve your spot and automatically have your name entered into a drawing for a closet makeover!

Happy Organizing!