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If it looks like a tornado ran through your workspace over the past few weeks you’re not alone. Bank statements, receipts and all the other paperwork necessary to file your taxes can easily take over our lives during the weeks leading to April 15th.

Now that it’s behind you, it’s time to regroup.

Over the past month I’ve written a series of articles on simplifying paper clutter (if you missed them, I’ve posted the links below). Today I’m going to focus on keeping a clean workspace.

It’s amazing how quickly dust can accumulate, even underneath piles of papers! Working in a clean environment is not only good for our psyche, but for our heath.

Staples ™ has a great line of Sustainable Products that I highly recommend. If you want to check them out, it’s called Sustainable Earth by Staples.  


Below are my top 3  go-to cleaning products:






The All- Purpose Cleaner is great for pretty much any surface, but I like it specifically for desks and counters. It’s phosphate free and ammonia free.








I couple it with the Sustainable Earth Paper Towels, which are virtually lint-free and made without any chlorine or dyes.







My favorite grab and go cleaning product is the Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes. I especially love them to wipe down computer screens, keyboards, and phones. They are made with plant-based ingredients and are environmental friendly. I keep a pack in my desk drawer so whenever I see something that looks a little dirty, I can easily wipe it down without leaving my desk.



Keeping your workspace clean is just as important as keeping it clutter free. If you missed the other two articles in my organizing your tax papers series, you can read them here:


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Happy Organizing!