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What would you do if you were a mother to 13 kids living in a 3,000 sq ft house with a 6’ x 8’ laundry room?

This is not a trick question nor is it a reality show; it’s the real life of my good friend Kim.

I’ve know Kim, her husband Chuck, and their family for 12 years, and I am constantly in awe of her ability to keep it all together on every level: from schedules, to meals, food shopping and of course laundry.

Despite multiple attempts at keeping an organized space, Kim’s laundry room was always a source of chaos for her.

PROBLEM: A blank wall opposite her washer/dryer with piles of laundry baskets underneath a small folding table wasn’t cutting it.  The kids get changed for practice downstairs and are always rummaging to find what they need. As you can imagine, it only takes a few minutes for her laundry room to look as if a tornado came through it!

SOLUTION: Utilize the vertical space on the blank wall and behind the door was top of my list. Kim’s one request was that she wanted everything out of sight. With the help of my good friends at Organized Living we created a functional area that would be easy for everyone to maintain. 

Take a look at the finished product:

Photo Sep 16, 11 19 41 AM

Photo Sep 16, 11 09 56 AM


By installing 8 O-Boxes we were able to assign each of the school aged kids his/her own drawer for uniforms. We also added labeled bins above to keep overflow items corralled and organized.

The final touch was adding an over the door rack to provide additional storage space for cleaning supplies, bags and such.



Thank you, Organized Living for helping this already organized mom of 13 to step up her game!

If you have questions of how you can best maximize your space, give us a shout at info@simplyborganized.com

Happy Organizing!