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The end of September marks the unofficial end to summer :(.

For many of us (present company included) my office takes a backseat while my kids are on summer break. Between running them around, going on vacation, and trying to soak up every ounce of nice weather I let things slide a bit.

Now that the weather is cooling off, the kids are back on a routine, and there is a small window of “normalcy” before the craziness of the holidays kicks in, and it’s time to get my sh*t together.

To be completely honest, there are a million other things I’d rather do than organize my office, but the longer I procrastinate the worse it will become.

I hate the feeling of drowning in disorganization and I am sure you do too. We all want to feel productive, right?

The first step is to sit back, take a breath, and regroup….

Listen up: You are the CEO of your house. Whether you’re responsible for paying the bills, taking care of household receipts, managing homework and the influx of school papers, or all of the above, your job is important.

Just like a CEO of a company, you need a designated place to sit and work. You can’t expect to manage everything effectively while making dinner or flipping the laundry.

Staples Montessa II Luxura Managers Chair is a great place to sit and focus on the task at hand. It has all the features to help you stay comfortable allowing you to be more productive.

Staples Montessa II Luxura Managers Chair, Black


A great chair for parents and kids! The height easily adjusts and the wheels make it easy to move around the house.

*TIP: Allow each of your kids 30 minutes in the chair to work on their homework and you will be amazed at how much more productive they will be! Your little ones will feel extra important while sitting in the CEO chair.

Staples Compartment Rotating Desk Organizer keeps your office supplies close at hand while maintaining the tidiness of your desk.


Staples Compartment Rotating Desk Organizer,

 Say goodbye to searching your junk drawer, with this rotating caddy everything is within reach.

Did you ever hear the expression “out of sight out of mind?” Well this desk organizer was designed for folks who like everything at their fingertips. Multiple compartments keep paperclips separated from rubber bands and pushpins. Easily separate pens, pencils, highlighters, scissors and letter openers.

*TIP: If you share a workspace with you kids, you can designate certain compartment for school supplies and others for your work items.

Stay tuned for next week when I’ll be highlighting 2 more great organizing products available at Staples!

Happy Organizing!


*This post is sponsored by Staples. All comments and opinions are my own.