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For the past few weeks we’ve been talking about how to keep your “command center” free from clutter.

Even if you shred and recycle daily, there is still a certain amount of physical paper that you’ll want to hold onto. Some things are permanent keepers: ranging from tax documents, to your kids’ report cards, and that stuff needs somewhere (other than your kitchen table) to live.

Let’s face it, the days of storing all of your documents inside a traditional filing cabinet are long gone. Life in the 21st century is portable and your files should be too.

Staples Better Binder with Removable Rings is my go-to solution for keeping papers organized.

Staples(R) Better(R) Binder with Removable FileRings , Blue

They come in assorted colors with a label on the spine (a must-have for my fellow “Type-A-ers”.)

TIP: Assign a different color binder for each person and/or category. Use tabs or dividers to separate by year (ie: 2014, 2015…). Easy visual retrieval is key for saving time!

What about keeping multiple page documents organized?

Staples One-Touch Stapler requires 60% less effort than traditional desktop staplers! Say goodbye to bent staples that won’t pierce through your stack of papers. It also has a push button for easy staple loading.

One Touch Plus Black

The one-touch stapler is so easy to use you actually won’t mind organizing your papers!

TIP: Keep only the first few pages of a document that includes account numbers, balances, etc. Staple those important pages and shred the rest.

Organizing your workspace may never be glamorous, but with a little discipline and the right products it can be simple and stress-free.

Happy Organizing!

*This post is sponsored by Staples. All comments and opinions are my own.