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Four years ago my mom passed away.

Along with her passing, I inherited boxes of photos: some from her childhood, some from mine, randomly tossed in a box for me to decipher.

This was a daunting task, even for someone as organized me.

So they sat… boxes of photos, on a shelf, in my storage room. If I didn’t have to see them, I didn’t have to deal with it (sound familiar?).

Years of memories just sitting on a shelf.

What a waste.

Isn’t the point of making memories so that you can reflect back on them? Enjoy them? Share stories with your kids and loved ones?

So I went on a quest to find a simple way to organize hundreds (possibly thousands) of random photos.

A few months ago I connected with the folks at ScanMyPhotos and was excited to find a solution to my photo clutter that wasn’t completely overwhelming.



In a nutshell here’s how it works:

  1. Go online and select the option you want (photos, slides, negatives, videos, etc)
  2. Create a username and profile
  3. They send you a pre-paid box (each box holds up to approx. 2,000 photos)
  4. Sort through your photos (I did mine by general category: mom as a kid, mom as a young adult, my early years, high school, college, adult)
  5. Separate each group with a numbered index card and a rubber band to keep them organized
  6. Seal up the box and send it back for processing

Within a week, you’ll receive your returned photos along with a DVD; additional add-on services include a leather-bound book with all your photos inside, extra DVD’s, a flash drive with all of your photos and other items to honor your memories.

It’s that simple! I also want to mention that their customer service department is excellent. I received emails along the way keeping me posted as to where my photos were throughout the process.

If you struggle with “photo-overload” go to www.scanmyphotos.com and see which of their services is right for you. Don’t forget to let them know that simply B organized sent you!

Happy Organizing!