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shutterstock_143761384According to US News and World Report, Americans spent $10.4 Billion this year on Black Friday and $3 Billion on Cyber Monday. 

The look on someone’s face who is excited to receive something special is priceless. I really do believe there is more joy in giving, than receiving(and the numbers above prove it).

If you want to share in the spirit of giving, but limit the amount of unnecessary clutter that enters your home, below are 5 gift ideas that are sure to keep people talking for years to come!

  1. Tickets to a Sporting Event.  My husband and oldest daughter have created some of their greatest memories at sporting events.  You don’t need to get floor seats, sit behind the dugout, or on the 50 yd line, to have a good time; it’s all about the experience.
  2. Tickets to a Concert or Show.  The same rule as above holds true.  If you are into music or performing, tickets to see your favorite play or artist perform is a great gift! One of our family traditions is to see a Broadway show with the cousins during Christmas break. It’s a great memory maker for all!Hairspray-Playbill-07-02
  3. Gift Certificate for a Spa Treatment. Many people don’t like to spend money and time on themselves. Getting someone special a gift certificate for a massage, facial, or another spa treatment is a great way to show someone they deserve a little pampering!
  4. Gift Certificate to a Nice Restaurant.  Who doesn’t love a free meal?   Consider trying out the new restaurant that opened in town, or perhaps an old favorite. Restaurant gift cards make a great “couples “gift too!Calebs
  5. A “Bucket List” Adventure.  Ever wanted to learn how to surf? skydive or take a guitar lesson? Find something that your loved-one could only dream of and make it a reality. With the internet at our disposal, it’s easier than ever to research all sorts of activities.Bungee-Jump-off-bridge

If money is an issue, you can always give the gift of TIME, your time.  Offer to make dinner or do the laundry. Carpool the kids or make school lunches.  These gifts have more value than you think and will go a long way!

Keep in mind what the holiday spirit is all about.  When you think back to your fondest childhood memories, it’s probably more about your traditions, and spending time with loved ones, than what you received each year.

Happy Organizing!