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shutterstock_1331319953 Reasons To Love Wunderlist

wunderlist-iconThis past weekend my husband and I were out to dinner with friends of ours.  We were rushing to get out the door once we were in the car Josh (aka the hubby) realized he left his phone at home. The entire dinner he kept reaching for it;  it was like he was missing a limb.

It’s crazy to think how dependent we have all become on our devices, considering 10 years ago most of us only used our phones to make calls.

Even though the majority of American’s today own a smartphone, only a small portion use apps to stay on top of daily tasks.

Successfully managing daily tasks is a core component to living an organized and stress-free life.  

The reality is that everyone is overextended and running in 50 directions. It’s unrealistic, not to mention exhausting, to rely on our memory for every detail.

Writing things down is a great start, but how many times have you walked out the door only to have left your list on the kitchen counter? Or been out running errands and stopped somewhere unexpectedly and forget what you needed to buy?

Wunderlist  lets you create some simple to-do lists that you can access from all your devices, all of the time. 

My Top 3 Favorite Features:


1. Simple as 1-2-3:
Wunderlist allows you to customize a list for anything and everything from grocery shopping, to work tasks, household projects, the lists are endless….literally! You can set reminders, due dates and add notes if you’d like.  Not tech savvy?  No problem. It is so basic anyone can use it.

2. Wireless Sync:  
No need to worry about duplicate lists or forgetting to sync your devices together.  The wireless sync option updates your lists across all of your devices simultaneously. So if you are working on your computer and add a task, it automatically shows up on your phone.

3. Sharing Capabilities:
Want everyone in your house to have access to your grocery list? No problem!  Share lists among family members or team members so they have access to view, add and edit as necessary.  No more waiting to tell mom you are out of milk.


Best of all, this app is FREE!  There is a pro version, but frankly, the free version is phenomenal.  Once you get more advanced and comfortable with using Wunderlist, you may want to upgrade, but for starters, the free version is more than sufficient.

My advice for those who are leery is to start slow. Some of my clients feel safer keeping their paper lists as a back-up until they become more comfortable navigating the app. More often than not, the transition is so simple and seamless they can’t imagine how they lived without it.

Wunderlist is available for Apple and Android.

Happy Organizing!