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clutter rut

We all get stuck in ruts. Ruts in our jobs, our workout routines, heck, even in our marriages.  It’s often hard to imagine how you got there in the first place, but what’s even more daunting is wondering how you’re going to get out of it.

Many of my clients find themselves stuck in a “clutter rut”. They get to a point where they are inundated by papers, clothes, or toys with no end in sight. Despite the best of intentions, they keep coming up empty and frustrated because they lack the right strategies to dig out of it.

Below are 3 steps to help you climb out of your clutter rut once and for all.


1. SET GOALS. Ok, so you are disorganized, we get it. You’re constantly late for work because you can’t find your keys. You’re tired of getting dinged with late fees because you can’t seem to manage paying your bills on time. Start by determining what you want to accomplish, then work backwards by figuring what it will take to get there.

 one step at a time
2.  SMALL INCREMENTS.  Organizing doesn’t have to be epic. Getting organized is a process that takes time, planning, commitment and follow-thru.  Do a little everyday. Trying to tackle everything at once will only end in frustration. Incorporate a “de-cluttering time” into your day is the best way to work it into your routine.  
3. KEEP IT SIMPLE.   Setting complicated rules to follow will surely result in frustration.  If you pay your bills in the kitchen, that’s where you should set up a command center.  If your kids do art projects at the kitchen table, set up a portable art station nearby. Find the system that works best for you.  Most importantly, be realistic in what you will be able to maintain. 

The more you ignore your clutter rut the deeper it goes.  We all have busy lives and organizing should be a part of it, just like working out and eating well. Taking care of our physical space is just as important as taking care of our health.
You deserve it.