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Ep: 001-Resolve to Get Organized

  • Welcome to This Organized Life…with Organizing Expert Laurie Palau
  • About Me: Mom, Organizing Expert, Founder of (https://simplyborganized.com/)
  • This weekly podcast is designed to give you a glimpse into my organized, but not-so-perfect life, while teaching you how to reduce clutter and live a more organized life.
  • Above all else, this podcast is meant to be fun, relatable and inspiring!
  • Today we are talking about Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail
  • I’ve got 5 tips to help you stay on track if you have made 2017 the year you “Resolve to Get Organized”.
  • Listen to the full episode here or Check out our Blog to read more:                                 ( https://simplyborganized.com/2017/01/12/resolve-to-get-organized/ )