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  • Welcome to This Organized Life!
  • I’m your host, Laurie Palau
  • Today we are continuing with our series on Summer Simplification.
  • The topic of the day is Dorm Room Organizing
  • How do you maximize a small space?
  • I share some of my favorite products, including my 3 favorite “must-haves”
    • STACKING BIN SET: Add color to your drawers and desktop with these stackable metal organizers. Bins are sized to mix and match, and have a protective soft base. Food safe. Also available individually.
    • UP·DATE!™ SILICONE MONTHLY PLANNER: Plan your month’s appointments, family dinners, chores, and parties on this non-scratching, removable, reusable monthly planner. Stack a few above and below to schedule several months at a time. The up·date!™ silicone dry-erase monthly planner sticks to your fridge, filing cabinet, window, or any smooth, clean, non-porous surface.
    • J·BOARD™ 8×8″: Follow the curve! Store your keys, glasses, phone, and other small everyday items in the curved front pocket of this shapely J-board. Our exclusive magnetic dry-erase surface serves double-duty as a message and magnet board. The less-is-more modern design elevates entries, kitchens, and offices. Designed by Gwen Weinberg.
  • Visit threebythree.com and use promo code ORGANIZEDLIFE to receive 20% off your entire order!
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