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Today’s post comes from one of our SBO Partners, Jenna Nelson, founder of Top Shelf Organizing In Nashville, TN

Moving. Ugh. Doesn’t that word just make you cringe? I’ve moved 8 times since graduating from college in 2006 and 6 of those moves were to different states. At this point in my life I feel like a packing pro which is a skill that has come in handy with my organizing business. I love helping my clients get organized, and that includes people moving from one home to another.

I know packing can seem overwhelming when you look at your house as a whole, and if that’s how you approach it, it will be overwhelming. So don’t do that. Instead, look at one space at a time, even if it’s just a drawer in the bathroom, a shelf in the pantry or a section of your closet. Typically when moving you can’t pack up each room completely because there are always certain items you need to use as long as you are living in the home, but I guarantee there’s a lot you DON’T need during that time.

Here’s a list of items you can pack up immediately without affecting your daily life:

  • Out of season clothes and shoes
  • Extra bath towels and sheets
  • Rarely used bathroom items
  • Memorabilia
  • Personalized items such as pictures and diplomas
  • Handmade arts and craft items
  • Rarely used kitchen tools and appliances
  • Rarely used kitchen dishes, plates, utensils, glassware
  • Rarely used cooking and baking dishes
  • Extra kitchen hand towels and washcloths
  • Books and dvds that won’t be read or watched
  • “Guest” items stored in closets
  • Paperwork you don’t need access to

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Another simple tip when moving – this is the BEST time to purge. When else are you going to have the chance to go through every space in your house? When are you going to MAKE time to go through every area of your house? Take advantage of packing and do a total purge/clean out of each space, getting rid of items you don’t need or want anymore. Why should they take up space in the moving boxes if you no longer use them? Bonus, and I know this sounds obvious, but the more you get rid of the less you have to pack and unpack.

When you pick up an item you aren’t sure you really need, ask yourself, “Do I want to find a place for this in my new home?” If you do, keep it. If you don’t, get rid of it. Don’t ask yourself, “Do I want to pack this item?” because there are some items that really aren’t fun to pack (I’m looking at you KitchenAid mixer) but you need them/use them, so getting rid of them isn’t an option.I know moving can seem completely overwhelming but hopefully these simple tips will help make the process a little easier.

For more organizing tips and inspiration, follow Top Shelf Organizing on Facebook at Top Shelf Organizing, Instagram at @topshelforganizing, and on twitter at @TSorganizing or visit her website www.topshelforganizing.com.