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Today’s blog post is courtesy of one of our Partners, Katie Siefermann, founder & CEO of Fall Into Place Organizing in Denver, Colorado. Follow her on social media and check out her website for additional inspiration!

Working from home. A love-hate thing, right? You love the flexibility and comfort, but hate how hard it feels to be productive at times. As you try to wrap up an urgent project, you have dishes, laundry and piles of paperwork staring at you from your dining table. That cluttered view is not only distracting and uninspiring, but causes undue stress as your to-do list suddenly feels never-ending.

Speaking from experience living and working in a busy household, I have learned the value of setting up a dedicated home office. Now I love helping my clients create their dream workspaces as a professional organizer in Denver. Here are some of my favorite tips to help you set up a home office where you feel happy, calm, organized and inspired to be your most productive, creative self! A space that you love and can call your own.

1. Start big picture by considering optimal function + layout of your office furniture.

⋅ Choose a desk with drawers to store frequently needed supplies out of sight but within reach, allowing for a clutter-free desktop.

⋅Create a surface for materials needed in your workflow by using an L-shaped desk or forming a makeshift “L” by adjoining a table, filing cabinet or bookshelf to one side of the desk (choose position based on whether you are right- or left-handed).

⋅Position your chair and desk to face an inspiring view (window, artwork or whiteboard with business goals) and/or the door (Feng Shui bonus points!).

*photo courtesy of Pinterest



2. Create practical + dedicated homes for all work-related items.

⋅Use containers such as drawer organizers, magazine files, trays or binders to store frequently needed items close by. Don’t be afraid to splurge on some new office supplies that spark joy and motivate you to keep things in order.

⋅Create a “paper action station” for incoming paperwork that needs processing, based on whether you are a “filer” or a “piler.” Think vertical (desktop file box) if you are a filer and horizontal (stacking trays) if you are a piler.

⋅Label, label, label! Don’t forget to label your containers so you know exactly where things belong and can easily maintain your systems.

*photo courtesy of Pinterest




3. Decorate using colors + details that inspire you.

⋅Paint the room a color that evokes the emotion you want to feel when working. Blue is a popular office color that can improve productivity. Keep in mind that bright colors tend to be stimulating while softer hues tend to be calming.

⋅Accent the room with colors and images you love using throw pillows, lamps and wall art. Plants are also a wonderful addition to bring life into your workspace.

⋅Display objects that motivate you and help you focus, such as a favorite book, a scented candle or an inspiring quote. Keep open shelves minimal to help maintain mental clarity while working.

*photo courtesy of Pinterest




Whether you are modifying your current office or starting from scratch, it’s a worthwhile investment of your time and energy to create an organized home office that you love. You will notice the difference when your productivity, success and overall happiness soar!

For more tips from to help you create an orderly, calm and inspired life, visit Katie’s website and subscribe to her newsletter , or follow Fall Into Place Organizing on Instagram or Facebook. If you are interested in working with Katie locally in Denver or virtually from afar, be sure to check out her professional organizing services for home, work and life.