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This is a guest post from SBO Partner, Kadia Laventure, founder of The Neat Fix, in Southern Florida. 

What are your thoughts on Spring Cleaning? As a professional organizer, I love it, but even if you don’t get as excited as I do, hopefully the nice weather will motivate you open the windows and tackle the areas that often get neglected. If you’re not sure where to begin, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 places that could more than likely use a little TLC:

1. Closet/clothes Use this season as one of your biannual times to purge the clothes in your closet. If you are changing from winter wear to spring/summer wear, then pack away what you what to keep for next year, but also take a minute to get rid of the items your didn’t use last season if you doubt you will be going back to them.

2.Windows/windows treatment Time to vacuum or change those curtains or take them to the cleaners. This is also a great opportunity to change your curtains to brighten your home for spring.

3.Under the furnitureWhen last have you clean behind and under your furniture?  If your answer is not recently, then now is a great time to start. Move the sofa, the bed and any other large pieces of furniture and get those dust bunnies out of there!

4.Rugs & carpetsif you haven’t deep cleaned your carpet recently then now’s the time to do so. Whether you do it yourself, or get it professionally done, give that rug some love.

5.Baseboards & crown moldingIt’s time to get down and scrub. While doing this take time to look go areas that may need to be painted/touched up. Also clean light switches and outlet covers.

6.Light fixtures & Ceiling fansthis includes ceiling and wall light fixtures as well as floor and table lamps. Also take time to replace light bulbs where necessary.

7.Mattress Vacuum and deodorizer your mattress and flip or rotate as well. You can also think about steam cleaning or deep cleaning your mattress professionally.

8.Oven this should be cleaned more often than once a year, but if you have been neglecting this for a while, get that oven cleaner and get to work.

9.Behind kitchen appliancesIf you are able, move appliances and clean behind them-it’s amazing what can accumulate in the nooks and crannies.

10.Kitchen cabinets – Give kitchen cabinets a good wipe down! While you’re at it, take time to go through your kitchen items and get rid of items you have not used (and don’t plan to use).

Now there is certainly no need to only clean these areas of your home during spring of course.  Anytime is a good time to clean or organize any space.

For additional information, visit theneatfix.com