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Keeping my car clean car is often harder than it seems.

I spend so much time chauffeuring kids, driving to clients  or running my dogs to the vet that it takes quite a beating. As I am sure you can image, the level of crumbs, dog hair and overall dust and pollen can get to be a bit much.

So when SBO Partner, Erin Barbot, wanted to share her latest blog post on Car Organization, I jumped at the chance.

*This post was originally featured on Erin Barbot & Co:

I spend A LOT of time in my car, so it’s really important to me that I keep it clean, organized, and that I always have what I need. At any given moment I’m hauling client storage bins, children, donations, snacks, snacks, snacks, you name it. Over the last few years I’ve developed some habits and found some great products to help me keep my car as sane as possible.

  • Every Sunday I vacuum my car out and throw away any trash. I know you’re thinking that’s not feasible, but hear me out. This is far from a detailing job. I spend 10 minutes max with the dust buster and just get the floors, seats, and kids’ car seats. I still take it to the full-service car wash on a regular basis, where they do a much better job, but starting the week without goldfish, street salt, and grass everywhere can really help your headspace. You don’t have to wait for the magical time (which never happens) to get it “perfect” and professionally clean to make it more manageable on a weekly basis. Sometimes waiting for the A+ holds us back from at least having a B+!


  • We bring (almost) everything in everyday. Barring items that need to stay in the car because they live there, or client items I will be dropping off within the week, I bring in everything when we go inside for the day. We don’t leave toys, clothes, sippy cups, or coats until that “special time” (which never happens) when they will be brought back inside. We bring everything in every day.


  • Snacks stay in the car. I don’t want to have to remember to bring snacks; I prefer to just have them there all the time. My daughter knows that there are always crackers and trail mix in the car. I keep them in the center console so I can easily hand them to her. I keep this little cup in there as well so I don’t have to think to bring one in the car every time.


  • I use a back-of-the-seat organizer similar to this one to organize items we do like to have on hand and which belong permanently in the car. Right now that includes kids’ sunglasses, Wet Ones, back-up clothes, etc. Seasonally, it might also include bug spray and sunscreen for the summer months. We always want things like that on hand when we’re out and about in sunny weather, but they can freeze and become unusable if kept in the car during the winter.


  • I keep this little trash can in my door for small papers, banana peels, tissues, and the like. I empty it out about once a week.


  • This little organizer lives in one of my cup holders to keep my chapstick, a pen, some mints, and hand sanitizer.

Again, my goal is to spend just a little extra time to make it a little more manageable and clean. It’s not about showroom perfection, it’s about making myself feel in control when I’m out and about, and keeping my family safe when I can focus on driving and not digging under my seat at a stoplight for whatever is rolling around on the floor!

Happy Organizing!

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