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For those of you faithfully following along on this little project of mine, today I tackled what I call my “COMMAND CENTER.”  The command center includes my desk area in the kitchen, my “ACTION BIN” for incoming mail, and a drawer that houses everything from hair ties, to stamps, and everything in between.

Somehow things from all over the house end up in my command center. Coupons, gift cards, jewelry-you name it. I would say there’s a pretty much a 3-way tie between items to KEEP, TOSS (or in this case, SHRED) and RELOCATE.

Quick side note:  I had a really busy day filled with appointments, plus I woke up feeling like a summer cold is brewing. So as you can imagine, the last thing I wanted to do was declutter any space.  All I wanted to do, when I got home from my busy day, was lie on the couch.

I tried to convince myself, using every trick in the book, that it was ok to skip today : Who will care if you wait until tomorrow? What’s skipping one day going to do?” or how about, “I’ll do 2 spaces tomorrow.”


Needless to say, I  pulled out a stool and sat myself down in front of the command center, put on a podcast, and got to work. 

Guess what? In less than an hour I was done.  This includes relocating all of the items to where they belonged.

Yesterday I did promise you guys that I would to also de-clutter the KEEPING ROOM and HALL CLOSET, which in all honesty took about 5 minutes.  I am going to have the fam give a once-over to any coats hanging in the closet that they may want to donate, but otherwise those spaces are in good shape.

So the moral of today’s story is to justsuck it up, buttercup.” It didn’t take that long, and now that it’s over I don’t have those spaces hanging over my head.

As for tomorrow, I’m giving you all a heads up that we have a really busy day, so I am intentionally going light by committing to attack the downstairs hall bathroom and my master bathroom-two fairly simple spaces.





P.S. We are posting daily pics of our progress on IG Stories.  If you aren’t already, I encourage you to follow along at @simplyborganized.  Feel free to post your decluttering pics and be sure to tag us!