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So I’ve decided to throw a slight curve ball your way.  I added a space to my Summer Clutter Detox Challenge.

Before you roll your eyes and call me an over-achiever, just hear me out.

The other day I told you that this weekend I would “SBO” my hall bathroom and master bathroom, which I did — both successfully and rather painlessly.

Again, I realize that I have a leg up on most of you — aside from doing this for a living, I also own the right storage systems for my stuff and my space. So really, it was just a matter of getting rid of anything that was expired, making sure everything was zoned in its proper “home”, and taking note of anything that needs replenishing (ie: if I am running low on soap or deodorant, etc).

In my hall bathroom vanity I have things like:

•4 rolls of toilet paper                    •1 extra hand soap

•2 boxes of tissues                          •A few spare sanitary supplies

• extra hand towel                         •A small bin of cleaning supplies

In my master bathroom, in addition to the above, we have things such as:

•make up                                        •towels                                   •extra sheets

•face cleaners                                •Q-tips                                   •travel toiletry bags

•shaving supplies                            •make up wipes                   •basic OTC medcine

•spare oral care                              • hair tools                             •hair care products

•overflow shampo & conditioner                                                 •spare razors

So when I wrapped up the bathroom project, I was thinking about what space I wanted to tackle next, which brings me to the bonus I mentioned earlier.

It was a beautiful weekend here in picturesque Bucks County, PA and I really wanted to be outside. As I was drinking my coffee on the patio Sunday morning, I couldn’t help but notice the overgrown shrubs and weeds in my peripheral view.  It was at that moment I decided that today’s project was tackling the great outdoors!  (and by great outdoors, I am referring to the .25 acre footprint we own).

The great thing about this project was that I broke it into 2 phases: Back yard in the morning while the sun was in the front of the house, and the weeds in the front got worked on around 4pm, when the sun was setting in the backyard.

Again, thanks to my trusty podcasts, the time flew by and I focused more on what I was listening to than the act of pulling weeds and trimming errand branches.

When I first set out on this project I was solely focused on the inside of the house, but there is something to be said about first impressions.  Whether it’s someone driving up to your house for the first time, or you coming home after a long day at work–there’s an internal calm that breeds in all of us when we see things on the exterior maintained.

Tomorrow I will head back inside, not sure where I will go next, I guess you will have to stay tuned to find out.





P.S. We are posting daily pics of our progress on IG Stories.  If you aren’t already, I encourage you to follow along at @simplyborganized.  Feel free to post your decluttering pics and be sure to tag us!