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I am very excited to share a guest post by our SBO Partner Lauren White, owner of Intentional Edit in Arizona!  

If you love to craft or have an artist in the family you know that craft supplies take up a lot of space.  Proper organization is key to containing the supplies and having easy access to the item you need when you want to use it.

Just like any other space you are organizing, you need to decide what you are keeping and what you will toss or donate.  

Another thing to take into consideration is that tools and items used to create and complete projects need proper storage too.  Make sure to store all items, cords, parts, pieces, and accessories that go with each particular tool together.

This craft cabinet/closet stores the office, school, and arts & craft supplies for an entire family.  Before organizing it some of the old supplies were donated.  I also consolidated the contents of a desk and two other storage pieces in the home to fit all items in this area.  It looked full before but with proper storage, all the items fit well and are easily accessible. The proper storage containers in various sizes were key to the success of this cabinet.  Each shelf was used to its maximum potential by adjusting it and using stacking containers and boxes.

When you are trying to fit a lot into a small space it’s important not to waste any of the valuable space…even an inch or two makes a big difference.  The easy to read labels make it so items are easy to put away, keeping these shelves organized.  With containers labeled properly to identify what is inside, you are less likely to overbuy products that you already have and can finally spend your time enjoying hobbies rather than searching for the items that you need to get started. 

Lauren is the owner of Intentional Edit, a professional organizing company in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is passionate about being organized and efficient and making spaces beautiful at the same time. Lauren believes that a functional home and workplace that looks and feels pretty has a positive effect on all aspects of life. She hopes to inspire you to live your best-organized life! You can find out more about her on Instagram.