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On today’s episode of This ORGANIZED Life, we are joined by Betsy Miller, Founder of 2-B Organized in Springfield Missouri. Betsy is no stranger to the organizing world!  Over the last 20+ years, Betsy has helped hundreds of clients declutter, demolish & design their spaces to reflect a simplified space that is both pretty & practical.

Betsy has been a recipient of the 40 Under 40 Business Award as well as one of Springfield’s Most Influential Women Award. She has been a guest organizer on the show Hoarders and worked twice on Extreme Home Makeover.

In addition to working with clients, Betsy leads the growing team of 2B Organized franchise owners, and like me, loves helping other women entrepreneurs turn their passion into a profession.

We talk about moving management, senior downsizing and what to do if you don’t live near a parent who needs help.

I invite you to listen to our conversation below:

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