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Today we are continuing with part 2 of our series on the 5 CLUTTER PITFALLS, and today we are talking about INDECISION. Last week we talked all PROCRASTINATION, so if you haven’t had a chance to listen to it, I encourage you to hit the pause button and go back to check it out.


Indecision is defined as: the inability to make a decision quickly. The bigger question is WHAT causes someone to be indecisive?

  1.   The most common reason of all for being indecisive – Fear of making a mistake.

    • Making a decision means you might be wrong- and nobody likes to be wrong.

  2. Fear of hurting someone’s feelings.

    • Often, making a decision means choosing one thing over another. As humans, we want to be liked and don’t want to say or do something that will jeopardize someone’s feelings towards you.
    • We call this emotional clutter and see it all the time when it comes to gifts we’ve received.
    • Everything from grandmas china to the ugly blouse your aunt got you for your birthday

  3.   The “what if” factor.

    • We can come up with all kinds of scenarios in our mind to convince ourselves that we need something.
    • Indecision allows doubt to creep into our mind
    • This fear results in paralysis by analysis (think about that tool that you once used, but is taking up space in the garage).


“People want to feel good about their decisions.”


Ask Yourself?

    • What am I afraid of?
    • How easy is this to replace? 
    • Is there someone else who can put this to good use?

What can we do to reduce Indecision?

    • Pick the easy stuff first
    • If you get stuck “pass and move on”
    • Don’t let indecision pile up (think mail)

Identify your triggers:

    • Are you trying to do a task when you are tired after a long day at work?
    • Do you have too many distractions (i.e. little kids at home that constantly need you?)
    • Are you trying to fit it in when you have “free time” rather than dedicate time to focus on this area?
    • Do you need an accountability partner (someone to talk it through and give you permission to let go)
    • Are you an obliger and need some outer accountability and struggle with keeping that appointment for yourself?

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