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Hi Friends,

Today we are continuing with part 3 of our series on the 5 CLUTTER PITFALLS, and today we are talking about GUILT (something most of us are familiar with!)

Guilt plays such a huge role when it comes to Emotional Clutter.  Certain personality types are more prone to feelings of guilt, like Obligers, who tend to be people pleasers, and who gain their motivation from outer accountability.

REMORSE, REGRET, & RESPONSIBILITY weigh heavily for people who struggle with Emotional Clutter.

1. WHY do we feel GUILTY?

    • Sentimental Factors:  (i.e. my kid made it)
    • Financial Factors:  (i.e.  it cost a lot of money)
    • Environmental Factors:  (i.e.  I don’t want to waste it)

2. HOW does our guilt manifests as CLUTTER?

    • We often hold onto things we don’t want or use for the wrong reasons
    •  “My Aunt Edna gave this to me for my wedding”
    • “These shoes were so expensive”
    • “I don’t want to just throw it away”

People want permission to let go.

      3.  WHAT can we do to reduce feelings of GUILT?

      • Play through the “what if” scenarios
      • Ask yourself:
      • What would happen if I got rid of this?
      • Why am I keeping it?
      • Would I miss it if it were gone?
      • Give yourself permission to let it go

Take Action!

      • Pick 3 things that you are holding onto because of guilt and work through the process of parting with each item. (either donate, give away, recycle)
      • Give yourself a realistic deadline to complete it
      • Get an accountability partner to help you through
      • Document your progress and share with us on IG or in our facebook group, This ORGANIZED Life

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