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Hi Friends,

Today we are wrapping up our series on the 5 clutter pitfalls with TIME. If you look at the 5-Clutter Pitfall Model, you will see that everything else revolves around TIME because undeniably, it is our most valuable commodity.

It’s really hard to manage something you can’t see, which is one of the reasons why most people’s to-do list is longer than hours in a day.

“Theres never enough time”

“If only I had more time” 

“I don’t have the time”


This is a generational & societal issue.

In 1950’s America, most households were supported by two married parents with a single family income. Typically the dad worked a  9 to 5 job with a short commute. With limited technology, work was left at the office. Families ate dinner together in their modest home, with less stuff, and the only extracurricular activities were playing outside with the neighborhood kids. 

Fast forward to 2019, the percentage of households with a dual family income is 61.9%.  If you factor in single parents, the number of working parents outside the home shoots to over 90%. 

Couple that with a societal shift of more stuff, the “need” for bigger homes, our 24/7 connection to news, social media, and email.  Top that off with nightly chauffeuring of over scheduled kids, and it’s no wonder that we have no “down time.”

Question: How can I RECLAIM time?

The good news is that it’s do-able.  The bad news is that it’s a deliberate, counter-intuitive choice, that may prove unpopular, but if you are committed to reclaiming time, here’s a few suggestions of where to begin:

    1. Accumulate less stuff
    2. Start saying no to things that aren’t important
    3. Delegate/Outsource tasks that aren’t a good use of your time, or can be done by others.
    4. Create a habit by establishing simple routines for daily tasks
    5. TIME BLOCK everything you do in a given day
    6. Identify and distinguish between things that are Urgent vs Important
    7. Turn off distractions and notifications on your phone and computer 

Identify your triggers

→Do you bite off more than you can chew?

→Do you struggle with saying no?

→Do you have difficulty asking for help?

→Do you find yourself putting out fires all day leaving you spent by dinnertime?

Take Action!

→Commit to less.  Start by removing something from your calendar that you don’t need to do 

→Tell someone. Outer accountability is a great motivator to keep you honest!

→Document your progress and share with us on IG or in our facebook group, This ORGANIZED Life

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