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Hi Friends!

On today’s episode of This ORGANIZED Life we are joined by Lauren White, founder of Intentional Edit, an organizing service and lifestyle company based in Phoenix, AZ.  What I love about Lauren’s website is that it not only is chock full of great information on organizing solutions, but it is aesthetically BEAUTIFUL!  It’s basically Pinterest Porn in the best possible way! What drew me to Lauren was not simply her amazing eye, but her mission: To help inspire people to live their best life. 

Lauren is also a member of our SBO Partner Program, which if you’re unfamiliar, is a network of amazingly talented and passionate professional organizers around the globe who are serving others well.  So what that means to you, is that if you live in a particular area and looking for an accountability partner to help you get organized, we’ve got your back!  When you are done listening to this podcast, I invite you to hop on over to our partner page, where you can find links to ALL of our amazing organizers and of course, Lauren!

I invited Lauren on the show to talk about her meal planning routine. It totally rocked my world and made me re-think how I approach meal planning (which, if I am being honest, has completely gone out the window in our home).  

However, after chatting with Lauren, I am getting back in the saddle and approaching meal prep from a whole new angle!

Listen to our conversation below, and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you either in our fb group or on IG!  (just tag us @smplyborganized or at @organizingmaster)


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