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Happy 4th of July!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer!  At the top of our episode Erika and I talk about our amazing Partner Program-it’s our way of connecting YOU with a trusted resource in your neck of the woods.  Make sure to check out our partner page to find someone near you.

If you don’t see your city listed, let us know and we will look to find someone for you!  If you are a professional organizer and looking to learn more about our program, click here for details.

On today’s show we are discussing the differences between Chronic Clutter vs Situational Clutter.

Situational Clutter is typically the result of an external situation: such as kid coming home from college, an illness, death, end of the school year, holiday craziness, or a party.  Most importantly, situational clutter is TEMPORARY.

Chronic Clutter is based on behavioral patterns. With chronic clutter, your quality of life is hindered by disorganization. This can manifest in one area or multiple areas.  Some common examples of chronic clutter are an excess of clothes, papers (often times mail, newspapers or magazines).  Chronic Clutter is an ONGOINGissue that typically stems from emotional trauma, fear, overwhelm,  procrastination or indecision.

How do you deal with situational clutter?

    1. Acceptance. Realize it’s only temporary and sometimes  a result of something out of your control (tune into our episode to listen to my story about my mother-in-law and her dropspot in my house!) 
    2. Anticipate. If you know that certain times of the year are going to produce added clutter (ie: Christmas, Hanukkah, the end of the school year, kids coming home from college, etc) plan ahead by looking to #3.
    3. Stage. Create a staging area for those additional items so they don’t take up valuable real estate in your home and interfere with everyday life.

How do you deal with chronic clutter?

    1. Will to change. Like eating healthy, exercise or changing any pattern of behavior, the desire for change has to come from within and cannot be forced.
    2. Determine the root cause. Where did your behavior patterns stem from?  Was it something in childhood? A change in family circumstances like a birth, death or divorce? If you are still unsure, look back to our series on the 5 clutter pitfalls: Procrastination, Indecision, Guilt, Overwhelm & Time to see if any of those resonate with you.
    3. Start  Small. Select one area and work on mastering it before moving around the house.
    4. Focus on yourself first.  The best way to teach is to lead by example. If you are living with family members who are not quite there yet, start with the areas where you have control. Remember point #1.

The most important thing to remember is that regardless of how organized you are, situational clutter is bound to happen at some point. The best thing you can do is to EXTEND GRACE to yourself and others and try to stay ahead of it when you can.  Little things like hanging up your coat, putting away your keys, not letting laundry pile up, all make a big difference.

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