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Hi Friends!

On today’s episode of TOL we are joined by my friend, and SBO partner, Stefanie Wyres. Stefanie is a home organizer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and is the founder of Bring Peace Home.  Stefanie and her team are driven to helping people find balance and peace in their lives.  She tackles everything from garages to craft rooms to doctor’s offices and has fun doing it!  

Stefanie is also a mom to 2 daughters, ages 18 and 20. Given that she  has already gone through the whole “college thing” with her 20 year old,  I asked her to share with us some valuable tips and strategies for those who are about to embark on this exciting (yet overwhelming) chapter.

I realize that many of you can’t even begin to think about college, because you’re surrounded by diapers, sippy cups, and tripping over toys, (and for a hot minute I would like to trade places with you!).

For folks like me, who are in the thick of it, trust me when I tell you that the whole college prepared-ness can be a real struggle, and source of stress, both for parents and students.

Thankfully Stefanie created a cheat-sheet of sorts to help parents and students navigate these muddy waters.  So whether you are just about to embark on this journey, or maybe you are knee deep in it, there is some valuable information for everyone!

She covers things like:

  • What to do before they enter their senior in high school
  • Some go to apps and information on financial aid
  • Emotional preparation (for you and you student)

I loved our conversation and I hope you do to!  If you know someone who can benefit from the episode, would you please share it with a friend?

If you scroll down to the end of our show notes, we’ve included a link to her FREE download!



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