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Hi Friends!

Today we are joined by Heather Wells.  Heather is a single mother of three children: twin 18 year old sons (both with special needs) and a 12 year old daughter. Heather spent years struggling just to make ends meet. Now she is a successful business owner, host of the ever popular Single Mom Podcast (and blog), and is dedicated to helping other single moms find the tools, resources and mindsets to navigate through the craziness of raising children alone.

On this episode,

  • Heather shares her incredible story that you don’t want to miss!
  • Her day to day struggles as a single mom wearing “all the hats”
  • The organizational tools that helped to foster and empower independence for her boys
  • How she found financial freedom by creating a business from home
  • How she is helping create opportunities for other women to do the same!

I found our conversation inspiring and full of relevant information-I hope you feel the same!

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