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Hi Friends!

Today we are kicking off September with the help of my IRL friend and interior designer, Danielle Datz. I figured what better way to mourn the end of summer, than with one of my girlfriends by my side!

Fun Fact: Danielle was a guest back on episode 111 which happens to be one of our most downloaded episodes, so be sure to check it out!

With summer now in our rearview mirror, it’s time to re-activate our routines that may have fallen by the wayside.  

Did you know that September/Back to school is the 2nd most popular RESET time (next to New Years)  Where some people make resolutions, start new habits, or re-establish old ones.

Danielle and I unpack some of the most popular re-set areas, and provide strategies to help you navigate the muddy waters that accompany each of the following:

 o   Meal Planning/Eating right

o   Bedtime and Homework

o   Exercise

o   Cutting back on Alcohol (seriously?! is this a typo?)

o   New job/School

If you need some gentle nudging to help get you back in the game, we want to help!

Let us know the areas where you are struggling. Feel free to leave us a comment, or head on over to our facebook group, This ORGANIZED Life  and share your thoughts with us!

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